Meghan Markle has ‘never been the solution’ to of structural racism

Experts have just stepped forward to offer their own insights into Meghan Markle’s marriage within the Firm, and warn ‘she was never the solution’.

Accusations of this nature have been presented by Dr Kehinde Andrews.

He broke all of these thoughts down in his piece for iNews.

He started the converastion off by bashing Meghan Markle and addressing how she was ‘never the solution’ to the racism debate, despite her marriage into the monarchy.

According to Dr Andrews, “Celebrating a Black princess may have made us feel better, but it does not change any of the realities of structural racism, Brexit, the Windrush scandal, or the marked decline in public discourse.”

At the end of the day, “It is an illusion, worth only as much as a mirage on the horizon of a desert.”

Before concluding he also referenced the dangers of putting faith in an ‘empty symbol’ and added, “By placing faith in an empty symbol, we take our focus off addressing the real problems of racism, which are as deep-seated as ever.”