Meghan Markle has ‘no track record’ after ‘up and leaving’ the Royal Family

Meghan Markle’s history of ‘packing up and moving’ halfway across the world has just been used to ‘destabilize’ her rumored run in the Senate.

Writer Lee Cohen broke down all his thoughts regarding Meghan Markle’s rumored run in the Senate.

He shared everything in a piece for The Telegraph.

According to the author, “In a number of respects, Ms Markle makes sense as a choice for Democrats.”

However, on the flip side he also argued, “for those Americans for whom competence and suitability matter, Markle would be a senator worthy of the humiliations she received in recent years from cartoons, comedians, and Hollywood executives who have called into question everything from Meghan’s credibility to her work ethic.”

In the middle of his piece Mr Cohen also said, “Certainly, Ms. Markle’s track record of public service does not speak volumes in support of her potential to be a successful US senator.”

“It is difficult to imagine her serving as a junior member, one of 100 senators, when Meghan has displayed an obsession with top billing.” So “Indeed this was one of many factors that strained her tenure among the British Royal Family.”

Since before her move to the US, “The Duchess proved woefully unable to rise to the occasion and carry out the duties expected of her because they were not on her terms.”

“While Markle has been involved in charity work and advocacy, her self-serving goals seem to shape the agenda.”

At the end of the day, “her experience as a member of the British royal family hardly forecasts the political acumen required for congressional success,” he also added before signing off.