Meghan Markle has to ‘make a living’ somehow

The vitriol attacks against Meghan Markle have just been bashed, by experts who believe they “have to make a living somehow.”

These admissions have been brought to light by editor Kuba Shand-Baptiste.

She broke everything down in her piece for iNews.

She began the conversation by saying, “I’ve been wondering about why the tide has turned so dramatically (again) for some time.”

“Neither Harry nor Meghan inspire any deep feelings within me, beyond a sort of surface-level enjoyment of what appears to be their genuine love for one another, their desire to forge their own path and to heal from trauma.”

“I’m also, as you can imagine, deeply disturbed by some of the more vitriolic attacks Meghan has faced, for no other reason than she is a black mixed-race woman.”

In the middle of her chat she also said, “And I don’t think recent charges of Meghan and Harry being ‘grifters’ or attention seekers (especially after that car chase) are fair either. Whether we want them around or not, they do have to make a living somehow.”

Before concluding, however, she also said, “Unfortunately, they are stumbling over how best to do that. And that’s OK too. They are simply out of their depth.”