Meghan Markle is an influencer with a ‘side order’ of philanthropy

A conversation about Meghan Markle and her plans for the future have come under the radar, and have left many to brand her an “influencer with a side order of philanthropy.”

Claims about all of this have been presented by author Alison Boshoff.

She weighed in on everything, in one of her pieces for the Daily Mail.

In the piece she started by saying, “Professional separation between the pair has become increasingly notable, too: Harry’s Invictus charity, for example, which does remarkable work with injured servicemen and women, is hugely meaningful to him — but is very much his project, not his wife’s.”

“And, notably, it is Meghan, and not Harry, who has signed up with super-agent Ari Emanuel in a deal which will seemingly make her a global lifestyle influencer with a side order of philanthropy — more of which later.”

Before concluding she also said, “Of course, for more everyday couples, it’s hardly unusual to work separately and socialise as individuals. But these two have utterly defined their post-royal existence as a publicly united pair — and thus sought to monetise their love story therein.”