Meghan Markle is ‘deluded’ and ‘determined’ to stay in the spotlight

Meghan Markle has just been put on blast for being ‘utterly deluded’ in regards to the racial implications of her marriage to Prince Harry.

Dr Kehinde Andrews issued these claims and revelations in reference to Meghan Markle.

His admissions have been shared via a piece for iNews.

In this piece he referenced the Royal Family’s white legacy and said, “The image of Britannia ruling the waves is wrapped in the majesty of royalty.”

He also added, “That an almost exclusively white family, who have only very recently included any diversity in the form of the Duchess of Sussex, can stand as a representation of the British nation should tell us everything we need to know about the power of the symbol of royalty.”

In the middle of his piece Dr. Andrews also said, “Their whiteness is not a coincidence, it is the point.”

“That is why it was still remarkable in the 21st century that a prominent member of the Royal Family married someone of mixed heritage.”

“Far from the Duchess’s inclusion changing the symbol, she is the exception that proves the rule.”

In light of that, “the continued press hatred she has been subject to is evidence of unease at her presence. Even after the couple withdrew from royal duties they remain at the centre of the media circus.”

“Although, with the Duchess’s podcast, the Netflix series and Harry’s all-too-revealing memoir, they do seem determined to stay in the spotlight.”

“But still, the Duchess is the perfect example of the delusions of a ‘post-racial’ moment,” he also pointed out before concluding.