Meghan Markle is ‘not afraid’ to use everything for a global brand

Royal experts warn Meghan Markle is ‘not at all afraid’ to do whatever is necessary for her global brand.

These admissions have been issued by royal biographer Emily Andrews.

She weighed in on everything in one of her interviews with Woman magazine.

She began the converastion by addressing the confusion behind closed doors and compared the Duke to the Duchess, in regards to future plans.

She was even quoted saying, “Meghan wants to move on from being a Duchess and launch her own global brand.”

“Harry though doesn’t necessarily like the public’s attention and would be much happier at home with the children, doing charity work”.

On the other hand, though “that’s definitely not what Meghan wants from life right now.”

“The Invictus Games was a chance to start afresh – with an emphasis that this charity was very much Harry’s project.”

But “her PR team [was] careful to brief that ‘no-fuss’ Meghan did all her own hair and makeup … to appear relatable.”

Before concluding she also referenced the Duchess’ star power and added, “it’s all part of a careful curation to remind us that while Meghan and Harry may be separating their brand, and even living somewhat separate lives, Meghan still has star power and she’s not afraid to use it.”