Meghan Markle knows there’s ‘no way out’: ‘Stuck for life’

Meghan Markle’s alleged turmoil over Prince Harry’s emotions have just been brought to light.

Admissions about this have been issued by an inside source close to Heat Magazine.

They broke all their thoughts down while referencing Meghan Markle’s turmoil over Prince Harry’s emotions.

They even began by saying, “it pains Meghan to see Harry tied up in knots like this.”

“She knows how tricky things have been, so this isn’t a case of her dismissing or minimising his feelings. But, at this point, she really thinks he needs to pull himself together and look forward, instead of backwards”.

That is because Meghan Markle is sure “there’s no way out of the Hollywood game at this stage, that’s their life now and she loves it.”

In light of that, “there’s nothing he can do to change the past” they also added before signing off.