Meghan Markle, Prince Harry advised to follow in footsteps of Victoria, David Beckham

Duke of Sussex Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have been advised to follow in the footsteps of British power couple Victoria and David Beckham.

The Duchess of Sussex has also been told to ditch her royal title as ‘it doesn’t do her any favours.’

Branding expert Pauline Maclaran, who is a Professor of Marketing and Consumer Research at Royal Holloway, has said that a wise move for Meghan would be to relinquish her royal title.

Speaking to Daily Express UK, she said “Meghan’s popularity is being hampered by retaining her Sussex title, but Archie and Lilibet doting parents joint brand still has mileage.

Pauline Maclaran further said “I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Meghan and Harry as a brand. There’s no reason why they can’t have a joint brand strategy.”

Giving example of Victoria and David Beckham, the expert said, “If you look at a very famous couple, the Beckhams, Victoria has her own company. She is seen as a top, female entrepreneur. David Beckham has football. But then they come together as the Beckham family.”

She went on to say Victoria and David do come together as well even though they have their own separate brands. “I don’t see why Harry and Meghan can’t do something like that.”