Meghan Markle, Prince Harry are a ‘renegade duo’ looking to ‘get’ royal

Meghan Markle has been called out for not being able to make it to an event for the disabled, when a European getaway was scheduled for ‘much longer’ than that.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser weighed in on these claims and statements in her piece for

In the piece she touched upon the Duchess’ attendance at the Invictus Games and said, “The 41-year-old couldn’t make it to the Games earlier because of their ‘little ones’ – but could stay in Europe for several more days than absolutely necessary to bask in the ocean breeze and read the latest Colleen Hoover? Huh? Que?”

In the middle of her piece, Ms Elser said, “In some ways, taking this far-from-a-good-look getaway might be the most perfectly royal thing that the renegade duo have done in positively yonks.”

“For more than a decade now, William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales have regularly come under (rightful) fire for their propensity to take holidays at the drop of a Philip Treacy hat. Half-term? Holiday. Full-term? Holiday. It’s raining, it’s hot, Ryanair has a deal on all-inclusive stays in Mallorca? Holiday, holiday, holiday. (Creative licence might have been used here.)”

“But you get the picture,” she also chimed in to say before signing off.