Meghan Markle proves competence is an ‘afterthought’ to the US

Meghan Markle’s potential placement in the Senate has sparked massive debate as people begin to feel she’s a good candidate considering ‘competence is an afterthought’.

Claims regarding news of Meghan Markle’s interest in the vacant Senate seat has been issued by writer Lee Cohen.

He broke everything down in one of his pieces for The Telegraph.

According to the expert, “Conventional wisdom would suggest that a divisive, high-handed former actress with a failed record of public service in Britain and no legislative experience would be an unlikely candidate to serve in the highly respected US Senate.”

“Not to mention the fact that the actress has earned the just opprobrium of America’s strongest ally for having vilified one of its most deeply respected institutions.”

“But in Joe Biden’s America, where virtue signaling and identity characteristics are the chief selection qualities for office – and competence is an afterthought – Meghan Markle seems a likely candidate for high office.”