Meghan Markle receives another sweet advice over writing her memoir

Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle is reportedly planning to follow in the footsteps of her husband Prince Harry and write her own memoir.

A royal expert has advised the Duchess of Sussex to use her tell-all memoir to “apologise” to the public for her “mishaps.”

The Daily Express UK quoted royal commentator Patricia Demetriou as saying that Meghan could use the possible memoir as a way of explaining and admitting that she “did some things wrong”.

Patricia told US Weekly, per Daily Express if Meghan wants to write a book that might be a good thing if she wants to ‘apologise’ and say “I’ve made some missteps. I did some things wrong. You know I moved to Great Britain, I didn’t understand things’.”

The royal expert further said, “You know she (Meghan) could definitely do something that is worth the read if she were authentically sincere in writing a book that addressed her mishaps.”

Earlier, royal expert Tom Bower had claimed that according to his information the Duchess of Sussex is writing her memoir and it will be a “huge money-spinner.”