Meghan Markle still source of stress for Prince William despite disconnection with Royals

Meghan Markle keeps on giving Prince William stress with rumours that she is writing a bombshell memoir just like her husband Prince Harry.

Ever since royal expert Tom Bower has claimed that Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, is penning her autobiography, it has caused a stir among some members of the Royal family.

One of whom is William, the Prince of Wales, who is left “frustrated” with claims that Meghan will expose more secrets of Royal family in her book.

It’s giving William “real headache,” royal expert Duncan Larcombe told Fabulous while discussing Prince of Wale’s reaction on the hot rumours.

“The real headache is that he can’t get in touch with his brother without risking the contents of any conversation they have being made public,” the expert said referring to William and Harry’s rift.

“It is a real frustration for him and it totally ties him up,” Duncan said, adding that after Harry’s scathing attacks against William, it is “impossible” for him to trust his younger sibling.

“It’s one thing having a row with your sibling, it’s not uncommon in any family, but in this particular context, it is a constant betrayal,” the expert continued.

“William can’t make that first move without Harry betraying him and breaking his confidence,” Duncan said. “There is just nothing between them anymore.”