Meghan Markle vs Royals: ‘Very bad news for British royal family’ laid bare

A royal expert has warned that Meghan Markle’s potential bombshell memoir could be a ‘very bad news’ for the British royal family.

Amid reports the Duchess of Sussex could follow in the footsteps of her husband Prince Harry in writing her own memoir following the release of Spare in January, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams warned it could be “very bad news for the British Royal Family”, adding that any bombshell revelations would ensure “the rift remains or is widened”.

However, he told Daily Express US that Meghan’s memoir would generate “huge sales.”

The royal expert also disclosed that Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the Random House had reported to be a four-book deal.

“However, if all they have to offer is material that involves attacks on the Royal Family, as this undoubtedly would, there is a limit to their appeal.”

“In the short term, it would have huge financial benefits but, one has to ask, at what cost?”