Meghan Markle’s bargaining with pure ‘evil’: ‘Is facing a quandary’

Meghan Markle has just been issued a dire warning in regards to her memoir, as it could become ‘a quandary’ given its association with the devil incarnate.

Insights into this have been brought to light by US-based royal commentator Lee Cohen.

He weighed in on everything in one of his interviews with Express UK.

In it he bashed the Duchess who seems “clearly motivated by self-interest and financial gain.”

Mr Cohen started by referencing Meghan Markle’s penchant for the limelight and said, “Without attachment to and respect for the country and family she abandoned and so clearly motivated by self-interest and financial gain we can expect her to ride the gossip gravy train as long as possible.”

This is because currently “Meghan finds herself in a quandary because her most interesting and marketable quality is her link to the family she and her husband have betrayed so cruelly and exposed so brazenly.”

With that in mind, it will be no surprise when “People interested in gossip will surely buy her book”.

This way “she will rack up sales like Harry did with his memoir,” but this move is “a devil’s bargain because her popularity will suffer even further, particularly in the UK where the Royal Family represents the country itself.”