Meghan Markle’s future is ‘at stake’: ‘Can she run the world & sell matcha kits?’

Meghan Markle’s future has come under the radar of experts, after many started speculating upon the staying power of her brand.

Royal commentator Daniela Elser issued all these questions regarding the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

All of this has been referenced in a piece for

The piece touches on the risks associated with Meghan Markle’s decision and reads, “Where, I wonder, will we be a year from now?”

“Will Meghan be the darling of DC, the princess of the Potomac, or competing with Gwyneth Paltrow for a cut of the celebrity candle business?”

Or perhaps, “Will the duchess be a newly-established political force to be reckoned with or trying to make millions selling matcha kits?”

In the middle of her piece she also went on to ask about Prince Harry’s role and said, “in all of this, where will Harry be?”

“Will he, 12 months on, have managed to get his next Netflix doco off the ground, finally? To have written a book not about how rubbish his family is?”

“To co-opt a line from a major Democratic donor, who is close to Governor Newsom, speaking to the Mail about Meghan potentially being tapped for the Senate, “Crazier things have happened. ‘Crazier’ indeed.”