Meghan Markle’s inclusion marks the ‘worst’ possible outcome

Meghan Markle’s inclusion into the Royal Family, after her wedding to Prince Harry, has come under the radar of experts.

Revelations about this have been brought to light by Dr Kehinde Andrews.

He weighed in on everything, via a piece for iNews.

In the piece he pointed out the ‘power’ Meghan Markle received the moment she married into the Royal Family.

He started by saying, “She married into one of the most powerful symbols of Whiteness and colonial nostalgia, which underpins contemporary manifestations of racism.”

Even “Her addition to the Windsor family photo did not change the role of the monarchy, nor its symbolic violence towards descendants of the former colonies, either at home or abroad.”

Before concluding he also went as far as to add, “The only positive action that the Royal Family could take in regards to racial inequality would be to abolish itself.”

Before concluding he also went as far as to add, “If having a Black face in the Whitest of institutions makes Black people feel more connected to the monarchy, then this is the worst possible outcome of the Duchess’s inclusion in the family.”