Meghan Markle’s ‘loyalty and legacy’ are coin operated

Meghan Markle’s sense of loyalty and legacy has just come under fire, as experts suspect its ‘coin operated’.

Insights into this have been brought to light by US-based royal commentator Lee Cohen.

He broke all of these thoughts down in one of his interviews with Express UK.

In the chat he touched on the couple’s past attempts to disrespect the Royal Family and said, “even here in the USA, the Royal Family are admired and respected, and we, like Britons, abhor family betrayal and airing dirty laundry publicly.”

So it is impossible for the couple to think they can ever keep up with royal secrets for the rest of her life.

He also said, “as they have been ingeniously cut off, and starved for new material, they cannot keep pulling these stunts forever.”

This is due to the fact that “every time they do, they rightfully suffer in popularity.”

After all “what is honour, loyalty and legacy to someone so obviously coin operated?”