Meghan Markle’s power is ‘a fantasy’: ‘Can never reshape people’s lives’

Meghan Markle and the power she holds, as a biracial member of the Firm, has just been branded a ‘fantasy’.

Dr Kehinde Andrews issued these claims and sentiments about Meghan Markle.

All of his thoughts have been brought to light in a piece for iNews.

In the piece Dr Andrews said, “Undoubtedly, having a prominent symbolic position and celebrity status gave Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, more power than the average subject of the Crown.”

“Celebrity and fame are powerful forces in society and can mobilise publics and put pressure on institutions and the government to act.”

“But this should not be conflated with direct access to power that can reshape people’s lives,” he also warned in the middle of his piece.

Because “It was always a fantasy to expect the Duchess of Sussex to have that power. It is absurd to look to any member of the monarchy to make a significant transformation of the nation.”

“But the idea that the monarchy has actual power is dangerously alive, even in Britain,” he later chimed in to say, before signing off.