Meghan Markle’s willing to betray anyone to ‘advance’ ambitions

Meghan Markle is being put on blast for her alleged behavior a a ‘sell-out’ willing to trade secrets for the sake of advancing her personal ambitions.

Admissions of this nature have been shared by writer Lee Cohen.

He weighed in on everything in one of his pieces for The Telegraph.

The conversation revolves around Meghan Markle’s rumored bid for politics.

But according to Mr Cohen, “Meghan Markle’s behaviour and actions raise doubts about her ability to do so, which could ultimately harm the interests of her constituents and the American people.”

In the midst of his piece, he got rather candid about Meghan Markle’s alleged love for royal titles and said, “Then there is the elephant in the room of Meghan’s title. Willing to traduce and betray the institution that delivered her that honour, she has nevertheless not hesitated to trade on the title to advance her ambitions.”

The piece also included a section that highlighted her interference into politics, back in 2021.

At the time the Duchess tried to ‘interfere’ into US politics back in 2021, when a letter was sent to Congress, “From the Desk of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex” to establish paid leave as a “national right.”

Before concluding Mr Cohen pointed out the shocking nature of all allegations against her and even went as far as to reference the consequences of taking up residence in Washington.

Reportedly, no royals can interfere in political matters, thus, if her placement is made official Meghan might have to forgo her royal title ‘unequivocally’.