‘Misogynistic’ backlash against Kate Middleton condemned after Hull visit

Pictures of Kate Middleton playing Wheelchair Rugby have not gone down well with some people.

The Princess of Wales angered some people for “pretending to be a disabled person” during her recent royal engagement with Hull Football Club.

The misogynistic backlash against Kate Middleton has been condemned by her supporters.

The Princees’s fans have shared pictures of Prince William and Prince Harry playing the same sport.

Both William and Harry have participated in wheelchair sports and have sat in a wheelchair but there was not any outrage from critics.

Misogynistic backlash against Kate Middleton condemned after Hull visit

According to Emili HRH, Rugby coach Tom Coyd once said Wheelchair Rugby is totally inclusive and “You can play it whether you’re in a wheelchair, disabled or not disabled.”

The royal observer said the coach also revealed that the Wheelchair Rugby team comprised four people who were not disabled at all but they went on to represent England in a wheelchair sport