Olivia Rodrigo spills poetry class magic behind iconic song

Olivia Rodrigo recently opened up about the mechanics and philosophy of writing her songs. She also revealed that she took a poetry class at USC last year that helped her write some of her iconic songs.

The young pop sensation appeared in an interview with Linda Perry at the Grammy Museum, where she talked about writing her songs.

According to Variety, she said, “If I don’t write songs, I don’t feel like myself,” adding that it’s her way of processing everything.

Olivia continued, “It’s the way I decide how I feel about the world. It’s everything to me as it makes me happy, sad, or angry.”

The hitmaker stated that she loves how one can easily express oneself through writing melodies, lyrics, and hooks, in a way that is not easily expressible in daily life.

The songstress added, “I have always loved songwriting since I was a kid as for me it is a way to express the inexpressible,” adding that songwriting also helps her figure out how she feels about the world.

She also revealed her love for poetry, adding that the class she attended at USC was very helpful.

Olivia revealed that her song Lacy was actually a poem that she wrote as an assignment for the poetry class.