Paris Hilton strikes exclusive revenue-sharing deal with X

In a groundbreaking move, X, formerly known as Twitter, has inked a unique revenue-sharing agreement with media mogul and socialite Paris Hilton. T

his pioneering deal revolves around live shopping and the creation of exclusive content, including the introduction of a customized hashtag inspired by one of Hilton’s iconic phrases.

The agreement was reached between X and Paris Hilton’s media company, 11:11, and both parties have described the two-year financial arrangement as mutually advantageous.

This strategic partnership signals an effort to rejuvenate the platform’s fortunes under the leadership of Linda Yaccarino, who assumed the role of chief executive in June.

In a statement, Paris Hilton, who boasts a substantial following of 16.6 million users on X, expressed her enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “Together, we’re going to be exploring new ways to connect with all of you across video, live video, live shopping, and even Spaces. And we’re just getting started. Loves it.”

One of the highlights of this collaboration for Paris is the introduction of her new hashtag, which she has been working to popularize since at least 2019: ‘sliving.’ A fusion of the words ‘slaying’ and ‘living,’ ‘sliving’ is poised to become Paris Hilton’s new catchphrase, reminiscent of her iconic ‘that’s hot’ slogan from the early 2000s.

Under this partnership, Paris Hilton will collaborate with X to produce four original video programs annually, with a particular focus on the burgeoning live shopping space.

Following the announcement, Linda Yaccarino took to X to declare, “The queen of pop culture, music, business, and TV is #Sliving on X. @ParisHilton welcome to the @X family, we’re excited to launch an official partnership with you and your next-gen media company 11:11. Together we’re going to create a launchpad for new initiatives in video and live video, live commerce, Spaces, and so much more. Let’s do this!!”

These strategic partnerships align with Linda Yaccarino’s overarching strategy to expand X’s audience, increase advertising revenue, and facilitate sponsorship and brand deals between advertisers and content creators. The move comes as X aims to recover from a reported 60% drop in revenues in the US, as stated by CEO Elon Musk last month, although no specific timeframe was mentioned.

This announcement follows Elon Musk’s controversial decision to rebrand Twitter as X and replace its iconic bird logo in June, marking another significant change in the social media company’s evolution under his ownership.