Patrick J.Adams deletes Meghan Markle’s pictures

Actor Patrick J.Adams has deleted all the pictures featuring the cast of the hit TV series “Suits”.

The actor also apologized for sharing the pictures amid the Hollywood strike that just came to an end.

Patrick J.Adams, who played the lover of Meghan Markle in the legal drama, had shared multiple pictures of the Duchess of Sussex on his Instagram account over the past few days.

His Instagram posts gave rise to speculations that “Suits” is returning for another season.

Fans were convinced that Meghan Markle would also make her acting come back.

But Patrick J.Adams seems to have poured cold water on the hopes that  “Suits” renewal would mark Meghan’s return to acting.

Meghan Markle is the wife of Britain’s Prince Harry and she has also been mentioned in Adam’s bio on Instagram.

Patrick J.Adams deletes Meghan Markles pictures