Patrick Stewart shares strong opinion against Tom Hardy in biography

Patrick Stewart and Tom Hardy share the screen together in 2002. However, the latter remained unimpressed by the star.

Opening up about the issue in his biography, Making It So, the X-Men star shared his experience with the 46-year-old on the Star Trek: Nemesis set, per the Insider.

“I didn’t have a single exciting scene to play, and the actor who portrayed the movie’s villain, Shinzon, was an odd, solitary young man from London,” the veteran actor penned. “His name was Tom Hardy.”

The 83-year-old continued, “Tom wouldn’t engage with any of us on a social level. Never said, ‘Good morning,’ never said, ‘Goodnight,’ and spent the hours he wasn’t needed on set in his trailer with his girlfriend.”

Explaining the Dark Knight Rises star distant attitude, Tom told Total Film in 2014 that he was “out of depth” on the sci-fi movie’s set.

“Every day on that set, I was terrified — which worked for the character anyway,” he said at the time. “You can’t hide that, the camera will pick it up. I was genuinely out of my depth. The whole thing was, ‘How can I do this?’ I took it very seriously,” the actor said.