Prince Harry bizarre demand leaves big brother Prince William puzzled

Prince Harry’s demand that his father King Charles, Prince William and the rest of the Royal family apologize to him has left his big brother confused.

William, the Prince of Wales, has difficulty navigating Harry’s request as he has been the one publically attacking his own family and disclosing their secrets.

Royal expert Gareth Russell discussed how it makes sense if the Royal family demands an apology from Harry but his bizarre request has everybody confused.

Speaking of Prince William’s take on the matter, the royal historian said the Prince of Wales is puzzled over Harry, the Duke of Sussex’s demand of apology.

“As the title of the memoir suggests, Prince Harry has always felt like a spare, so basically it’s just the luck of the family tree there,” he told GB News.

“He makes quite cryptic comments like ‘They know what they did’. Which, given that he’s prepared to specify in detail everything else is strange.

“So I don’t think anyone’s 100 percent sure what it is. Even according to Prince Harry himself, Prince William doesn’t know what it is,” the expert added.

“There’s a bit in the memoir where Prince Harry says William was asking: ‘What is it? What is the problem?’” he continued.

“And Prince Harry said to himself, ‘How could he not know?’ So I think maybe there’s a lot of things that Prince Harry is carrying around.”