Prince Harry likely to spill more royal family secrets: report

A former royal butler has discussed multiple reasons why Prince Harry is not done targeting the royal family.

According to Grant Harrold, “From his point of view I think he could potentially do more if he feels he has been hurt or attacked, if people are being put in a corner they tend to lash out and I think this is what Harry will do if he feels that way.”

Speaking to Slingo, Harrold said, “The Duke of Sussex may have drawn a line for now, there could be more information coming out on the Firm, particularly if he feels “hurt or attacked.”

The Duke of Sussex levelled a series of new allegations against his father King Charles and brother Prince William in his book “Spare” which was released earlier this year.

The book deepened the rift between Harry and his family months before the coronation of King Charles.

The king, however, invited his son to attend the coronation despite opposition from Prince William who feared his younger brother can steal the show.