Prince Harry’s ‘desperate’ for King Charles to call

Insiders have just broken their silence over Prince Harry’s desperation, as well as his alleged bid for King Charles’ approval.

Revelations about the inner workings of Prince Harry’s emotions have been shared by an inside source.

This insider weighed in on everything, during a candid chat with OK magazine.

In the midst of this chat the source addressed his two priorities and admitted, “He knows he has to get behind Meghan and support her in their new life.”

But at the same time “he misses home and is forever hoping for calls from his dad and brother that never come.”

The same source also laid bare the couple’s financial situation and admitted that the Duke is in no way willing to ‘walk away’ from his paymasters.

reportedly, “There’s no talk of walking from their lucrative deals, but Harry just wishes they could find a compromise as far as returning to the U.K. more often.”

In regards to the royals’ relationships across the pond, the insider branded it “non-existent” and revealed that the state of frustrations have reached “nuclear” levels.

“The situation with his father and brother is still very difficult for him,” the same source also said.

However, “Meghan is always supportive of it, though. She used to be negative about it. It seems she has kind of moved on now.”

This is considering the fact that “they have moved continents. They have set up a new life with their kids.”