Prince Harry’s in ‘uncharted waters’ with King Charles

Royal experts have just started pointing out how grave the waters are Prince Harry is swimming in.

Claims about all of this have been presented by author Alison Boshoff.

constitutional law expert Dr Craig Prescott weighed in on all these points in his piece for The Times.

In it he touched upon the dangers associated with the King’s decision and said, “We are really in uncharted waters here: the Prince Harry situation is not something the law easily allows for.”

Later on he also went on to add, “The idea of the second son of the King choosing a life away from royal duties is not something the law has thought about, and I can imagine that Buckingham Palace would be concerned by that.”

“The King had the chance to remove him with the counsellor of state legislation last year, but chose not to.”

“Even a source chimed in on the matter shortly thereafter and told the outlet, “The King can see that to remove Harry as a counsellor of state would be seen as an act of antagonism and he does not want to do that.”

“If, as a consequence of that, somewhere on the royal estate needs to be earmarked as a pied-à-terre for his son, that seems a reasonable thing to do.”