Prince Harry’s never earned ‘his part’ of the eight-figure contract

Prince Harry is being held accountable for not contributing to the success of his eight-figure contract alongside Meghan Markle.

Revelations and insights into all of this has been shared by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

All her words have been shared in a piece for

This piece in particular refernces the high Meghan Markle rode just earlier last year.

“It’s amazing to think that only this time last year, Meghan was riding comparatively high,” Ms Elser started off by saying.

“Sure, Archetypes was a slog of overly-long episodes that couldn’t quite be saved by a slew of A-list guests, but at least its launch had seen it top the charts in a number of countries, including the US and Australia.”

“And then came … the slide,” Ms Elser added. Because “After a month-long break due to the late Queen’s death, the series resumed, with each week’s episode failing to light up Spotify’s episode charts.”

By the end of its tenure, Meghan Markle’s ranking on Spotify was at around the 21st, 73rd and the 90th.

In the eyes of Ms Elser, “these were hardly the sort of numbers that seemed worth the untold millions, you would have to assume, the duke and duchess had banked by then.”

“Nor was Archetypes in any way agenda-setting or a must-listen or had done anything much at all to move the wider cultural dial.”

However, Ms Elser also note a bit of a silver lining and even slipped in a sly jibe in the process.

She believes, “at least Meghan had made something.” In contrast to Prince Harry who “for years, the mystery of what sort of podcast Harry might record to earn his part of the eight-figure contract only grew.”