Prince Harry’s victimhood and lack of self-awareness is ‘laughable’

Prince Harry’s victim narrative has been referenced by experts who believe its all ‘laughable’.

These claims and admissions have been issued by comedian Tim Dillon.

He weighed in on things in a candid chat with Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan.

During this chat Mr Dillon referenced Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s sense of victimhood and admitted, “It’s very interesting to make a three-part documentary on Netflix about how bad things are while living in a castle.”

“I find the lack of self-awareness there to be very fun, I mean, they’re very funny.”

He also admitted that “Victimhood, it makes me laugh” especially “when someone is clearly not a victim – and I think living in a castle, being part of a royal family would make you not a victim.”

Before concluding he also went on to say, “They make me laugh … I hope they keep behaving shamefully, it’s great for the tabloids, it’s great for us.”