Prince William is ‘good with his words’ but what about action

Prince William has just been put on blast for not delivering on his promises.

Allegations against Prince William and Kate Middleton have been shared by royal commentator Daniela Elser.

She broke all her thoughts down in a piece for

This piece highlighted the couple’s lack of action, in regards to ‘fleeting promises’.

Ms Elser even started the entire converastion off by calling the couple out and saying, “In the next ten to 20 years, William will accede to the throne and as King is meant to be a unifying figure – a figure whose responsibility it will be to bring together a nation where nearly one in three people (28 per cent) are projected to be form an ethnic minority background by 2031.”

While Ms Elser does admit, “The Prince and Princess of Wales, via their Early Years and Earthshot projects, have proven they have the tenacity and budget to pursue lofty, large-scale work.”

“It’s time they applied that same seriousness and focus to putting the royal family on the right foot and on the right side of history when it comes to race and diversity.”

At the end of the day the expert believes, “Hugs are great, but how about some action, hmmm?”