Prince William, Kate Middleton answer wake-up call

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s social media post containing a roundup of their royal activities last month has been called a major shift in their PR efforts.

In their Instagram and Twitter posts titled “September Rewind” ” the Prince and Princess of Wales presented a series of photos chronicling their activities throughout September, including both their individual and joint engagements.

The couple shared snaps from all the royal engagements from their visit to France together to William’s New York City tour to their Rugby podcast with Princess Anne.

It also included a look back at their tribute to Queen Elizabeth on her death anniversary, William’s involvement with his Homwards and mental health initiatives

 “September Rewind” shows that Prince William and Kate Middleton have stepped up their performance by undertaking more royal engagements.

Prince William, Kate Middleton answer wake-up call

The so-called shift came amid reports that the pair is seeking a CEO to oversee their household, made up of approximately 60 staff members.

According to, “this prospective CEO would report directly to the royal couple, marking a departure from the longstanding practice of staff answering to private secretaries who wielded significant influence behind palace scenes.”

Royal observers believe the couple is apparently feeling the heat from public criticism for their alleged lack of interest in royal duties.

The criticism against the Prince and Princess of Wales intensified after William skipped the Women’s World Cup Final in Australia while Kate was accused of compromising on her royal engagements in a report published a few months ago.

The number of engagements undertaken by Kate was questioned in July when the report revealed that she undertook 45 solo engagements this year, along with 40 joint ones with her husband Prince William.

The Princess of Wales’ workload was questioned after figures published on Gert’s Royal Website stated that Kate took part in a total of 120 engagements in 2019 and she would hardly be able to match that amount this year.