Prince William likely to draw backlash over new valet

Prince William has hired a new valet who will be responsible for his clothing and appearance, according to

Citing GB News, the publication reported that the hiring was made last month and will allow William to spend more time on his royal duties.

Describing valet’s role, Daily Express wrote “The job people mostly associated with valets is dressing, washing and shaving the gentlemen they serve – being the male equivalent of a lady’s maid. They also looked after their clothing and footwear – mending them and keeping them clean.”

It added, William’s valet will mainly act as a personal attendant and is not thought to personally dress the royal.

The report said that valet’s also accompany their employer on trips and visits, but William is not believed to have taken his new hire with him on his trip to New York earlier this month.

It said that the taxpayers wouldn’t pay for the new valet and would instead be funded by the Prince of Wales’ Duchy of Cornwall funds.

The publication reported that “King Charles has had several valets and a former royal butler once revealed that their duties includes squeezing toothpaste onto his toothbrush, ironing his shoelaces and pyjamas every day.”

Prince William’s decision to hire a new valet is expected to draw criticism from his opponents in the media.