Prince William sidelined by Prince Edward and Sophie?

The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh have undertaken some really important foreign visits.

Prince Edward and his wife Sophie’s separate visits to Turkey and Italy respectively sparked speculations about the state of relations between King Charles and Queen Camilla and  Prince William and Kate Middleton.


Prince Edward’s visit to Turkey and his meeting with President Erdogan have been called the “power of soft diplomacy” by the supporters of the British monarchy.

The Duke of Edinburgh met with Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan on behalf of the King and the United Kingdom.

They believe that the task given to Prince Edward was highly sensitive and it also shows how much trust the government had in the royal to entrust it to him.

The supporters of the British royal family think the Foreign Secretary, who was in Turkey a few days ago, wasn’t given this task.

Meanwhile, Edward’s wife the Duchess of Edinburgh represented King Charles at the funeral of Giorgio Napolitano, former President of Italy.

William’s critics said it was the government and the monarch’s decision to send Sophie to Italy to represent the UK instead of the Prince of Wales.


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