Prince William’s track record is ‘as healthy’ as Kim Kardashian’s marriage

Experts believe the promises Prince William has made over the years, about racism and diversity, is ‘about as healthy’ as Kim Kardashian’s marriage has been.

Claims about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s lack of diversity has been brought to light by Ms Elser, who once again referenced the Palace’s reaction to the Oprah interview.

At the time Prince William even went public to say, “we are very much not a racist family.”

To this Ms Elser spoke out, in her piece for and said, “Well Your Highness, what have you actually done to back that up?”

This is because “neither William or Kate has ever employed a private secretary or communications secretary who is a person of colour.”

For those unversed, the Palace only announced its intention to add more ‘diversity’ in its ranks, after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah.

According to the Mail on Sunday, at the time, Buckingham Palace was set to “appoint a diversity tsar to modernize the monarchy.”

This was with the intention of finding that person who could “champion reform.”

In response to everything, Ms Elser also chimed in once more and said, “would you be shocked to know that more than two and a half years on from then, The Firm has somehow not gotten around to actually coming good on this promise?”

This is because she believes, “The monarchy’s track record on race is about as healthy as Kim Kardashian’s when it comes to marriage.”