‘Pseudo-celeb’ Prince Harry is worth less than ‘cheap’ Inter Miami tickets

Prince Harry’s standing in the US has just come into question by experts who believe

Commentator Dave Seminara issued these claims and sentiments.

He weighed in on everything, in one of his pieces for The Telegraph.

In the piece, Mr Seminara weighed in on Prince Harry’s trip to the UK and admitted, “We’ll finally get a break from the petulant Prince, if only for a short while, once he visits the UK for the first time since King Charles’s coronation.”

“Hopefully he’ll mark the one-year anniversary of the Queen’s death in a dignified way, and finally take a break from flogging his book and moaning about what a victim he is,” Mr Seminara also added before signing off.

Before conclcuding though, the commentator made a shocking admission and said, “I’m thrilled to have Messi here – but I’d quite happily trade spoiled pseudo-celeb Harry for a pair of cheap Inter Miami tickets.”