Queen Camilla ‘struggled’ with ‘fusspot’ King Charles during France tour

Queen Camilla reportedly had a hard time with King Charles during their tour of France last week, claimed an insider.

Camilla struggled during their trip because of her back pain, which made the new monarch frustrated, an insider spilt to New Idea Magazine.

The duo even seemed to be arguing in their car at one point during the trip when they arrived at the Arc de Triomphe to greet the Macrons in front of a vast crowd.

However, their tense expressions later changed while posing for the cameras but an insider has shared that it was a “very telling” moment.

“They are usually totally united,” the insider added. “Charles can be a fusspot, but Camilla often escapes his mini-tantrums.”

“It seems even she’s not immune now,” the source said. “There is a lot of pressure on them.”

The source went on to note how Camilla has been suffering from back pain which has made it hard for her to tour with her husband, however, she is in no place to say no.

“It takes a lot more out of them to do these trips, especially Camilla,” the insider revealed. “She hates to make a fuss about it, but her back problems are real.”

“It’s hard for her to stand for so long and she’s nervous around steps. It’s enough to have anyone at breaking point.”

“Charles is very businesslike on tour and gets stressed if anything holds them up. It’s not making things easy,” the source revealed.