Queen Elizabeth gave Meghan Markle tough choice before Prince Harry marriage

Queen Elizabeth gave Meghan Markle two options before she tied the knot with her grandson Prince Harry.

The late monarch asked Meghan, then an actor, to choose if she wants to embrace royal duties or pursue acting after marrying Harry.

At the time, Meghan was starring in hit legal drama Suits opposite Patrick J. Adams, which she quit in 2019 before her nuptials.

In a chat with Royally Obsessed, Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton revealed, “They did say to Meghan, ‘If you don’t want to embrace royal duties full time please be our guest and continue your acting career.’”

“Those opportunities were open to her,” he added. “The Queen gave them the opportunity to go wherever they pleased.”

“They were given a degree of latitude. They were told,’ Here are your first-class tickets, pick which country you want to go to, we’re going to make you youth ambassadors for the Commonwealth.’”