Queen Elizabeth’s ‘suspicions’ over Kate Middleton exposed in bombshell diary

Queen Elizabeth reportedly had issues with Prince William’s wife Kate Middleton after they tied the knot as she did not fully trust her until later.

While most of the people believe that Queen had amazing terms with Kate, the Princess of Wales, a report by In Touch Weekly claims that the late monarch’s diaries will expose true reality of their bond.

“The queen was initially suspicious of her motives,” the insider said of Kate, adding, “The queen didn’t fully trust Kate until she gave birth to Prince George.”

After the birth of Prince George of Wales, the Queen “knew Kate, like her, would do anything to protect the future king — and therefore the monarchy.”

The late monarch documented her fears about Kate, the Princess of Wales, in her diaries, which King Charles knows also contain more bombshells from her thoughts.

Elizabeth’s most trusted aide, Paul Whybrew, has been assigned to go through her diaries and letters she sent throughout her nine decades, “to be preserved for posterity.”

An insider told the publication that Charles is certain that the diaries must contain information that could prove lethal for the Royal family as they could “seriously threaten the monarchy’s image.”