Reports of ‘Suits’ renewal follow Meghan, Patrick J.Adams silence on co-actors’ death

Suits fans are convinced that the hit TV series returning for another season 10.

Speculations about the return of the series started after actor Patrick J. Adams shared multiple pictures of his co-actors from the show.


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A post shared by Patrick J. Adams (@halfadams)


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A post shared by Patrick J. Adams (@halfadams)

The development comes just a few days after the death of Billy Miller,  who played Harvey Specter’s younger brother in the show,

“Suits” also featured Meghan Markle, the wife of Britain’s Prince Harry, in an important role.

The Duchess of Sussex did not issue a statement on the death of the actor who appeared in her show.

Her critics believe she should have issued a statement because Miller suffered from mental health, which is a cause near and dear to Meghan Markle.

Patrick J. Adams also did not react to Miller’s death at the young age of 43.

Gabriel Macht, who played Miller’s fictional older brother in the series, wrote: “Rip my TV bro… I am touched by ur thoughtfulness, ur authentic honest approach to ur art.”

Co-creator of the legal drama series Aaron Kosh said it had been “very sad news for the entire Suits family.”