Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend Suki Waterhouse spills beans on live-in relationship

Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend Suki Waterhouse opened up about what it was like to move in with the actor she’d been dating for five years.

Speaking on Gillian Sagansky’s podcast Driven Minds: A Type 7, Suki opened up about how anxious she was about the move.

“I’ve been having such a crushing weight because I wasn’t there for the move, so everything just got boxed up and sent,” she said.

Suki also credited Robert for accepting the “mess and chaos” and the process of getting rid of old stuff, “He never says anything about it and thinks of it as charming. So I’m very lucky for that.”

The 31-year-old singer also talked about her breakup before she met Robert and the “bout of celibacy” she took six months after the heartbreak.

“I had been ghosted and broken up with after dating someone for a year, that was pretty bad. But it turned out to be brilliant because I took it like a bout of celibacy,” she said.

Sharing more, Suki added that dealing with it and texting people about “lurches of excitement” turned out to be great, “I got very clear and got very comfortable with being by myself—then I ended up meeting my boyfriend.”