Royal fans react as Prince William issued stark warning

Royal fans have expressed their views after Prince William received stark warning not to ‘try and take over’ from King Charles too soon.

Royal historian Marlene Koenig has said that William should enjoy his new role as Prince of Wales and people should let him learn his future as monarch.

Reacting to Daily Express UK report, one royal fan commented, “William has been learning about his future role for most of his life. He will be ready when the time comes as was our Queen Elizabeth.”

Another said, “William is a fine man, he would have made a fine king whatever age.”

“A better balance would be if King Charles abdicated in favour of William and returned to that position, maybe with a Title added to the list he already has.”

Meanwhile, a survey last month showed that more than four in 10 Brits thought that William and not Charles should have taken over from late Queen Elizabeth II.

Also nearly two-thirds want King Charles and Queen Camilla to start handing over power and responsibility to Prince William and Kate Middleton.