Ryan Reynolds joins viral ‘Roman Empire’ trend with playful twist

Celebrities, just like anyone else, find their thoughts drifting to the ancient Roman Empire from time to time.

Ryan Reynolds has joined the ranks of countless men who’ve engaged with the trending question: “How often do you think about the Roman Empire?”

This viral trend has taken social media by storm, as women record themselves asking the men in their lives—partners, fathers, brothers—how often they contemplate this ancient empire. The responses are varied, and the reactions are captured for all to see.

This trend was sparked when Swedish Instagram user Arthur Hulu, known as Gaius Flavius online, shared an Instagram Reel on August 19, asserting, “Ladies, many of you do not realize how often men think about the Roman Empire,” as reported by The Independent and The Washington Post.

In a lighthearted take on the trend, the 46-year-old Reynolds posted a casual selfie, donning sweats and glasses, appearing to recline on a bed. His caption read, “Just contemplating The Roman Empire.”

Ryan Reynolds joins viral Roman Empire trend with playful twist
Ryan Reynolds joins viral ‘Roman Empire’ trend with playful twist

Adding a musical touch to his post, Reynolds featured the song “Roman Holiday” by The National as the backdrop to his selfie, where he maintained intense eye contact with the camera.

Although the actor’s playful snapshot didn’t provide a concrete answer regarding how frequently he thinks about the historic civilization, it did playfully tease those who seemingly contemplate it quite often in their daily lives.

Numerous other male celebrities have taken part in this trend, either engaging with it earnestly or, like Reynolds, injecting a bit of humor into the conversation.