‘Saw X’ director remembers one astonishing incident in film

The latest horror flick Saw X’s screams are so terrifying that neighbours called the cops to check the matter.

During an interview with NME, director Kevin Greutert revealed that during the editing session, Steven Forn, the film’s first assistant editor, was in the process of completing the sound design of the gory “eye vacuum trap” scene at his North Hollywood office, prompting Los Angeles police intervention after neighbours call for possible danger.

Remembering the incident, the filmmaker said, “There was a knock at the door. We have the doorbell [camera] video of the police walking up, [Forn answering the door] and the police saying, ‘The neighbors [have been] calling and saying someone’s being tortured to death in here.”

He continued, “And he was like, ‘Actually, I’m just working on a movie…you can come in and see it if you want?’ The cops started laughing! They said, ‘We want to, but, you know, you’re all right.’ It must have been a pretty realistic performance!”

“It’s a pretty funny story… Plus, Steve is such a mild-mannered guy. I can only imagine the look on his face when he realized what was happening!” the 58-year-old joked.

Released on Friday, Saw X opened to rave reviews and ranked top in the horror franchise, which spawned in 2004.