Scarlett Johansson reflects on motherhood challenges: ‘It was exhausting’

Scarlett Johansson opened up about the bittersweet feeling of becoming a mother, which was relatable to parents globally.

In a throwback interview with Gala magazine, the mother-of-two revealed that motherhood flooded her with euphoric moments; simultaneously, it was extremely exhausting due to caring for a newborn.

“She smells sweet, totally. I can’t quite describe it, but it really makes you euphoric. It’s exhausting in the most wonderful way. I never thought how much sleeping through the night would mean to me,” the Marvel star added.

At the time of being a mother-of-one, the Lucy star admitted being a novice in nurturing kids, adding she is teaching herself about the delicate process.

“I still lack experience. Right now, I’m just trying to manage. You have to first, how should I put it, learn the ropes,” the superstar shared.

Separately on a different platform, the New York native shared her views on parenting, “It’s really tough. I remember my daughter, my daughter was eight-and-a-half, and when she was two, I said, ‘This is great. I don’t know what everybody is talking about.’ And then she turned 3 and it’s like being in an emotionally abusive relationship.”

“It’s crazy, like very intense emotional swings and like, so bossy and adamant and like, it’s just crazy. And, also these huge mood swings, constant mood swings, which I was like these, ‘Those poor little guys.’ I feel bad for them. You’re like up and down constantly,” Scarlett told The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast in April 2023.