Acclaimed actress Shefali Shah has opened up about facing street harassment at a young age, and how she believes that sons must be raised right in order to keep daughters safe.

In an interview with News18, Shah, who is a mother of two sons, said that she too has faced street harassment like most women. She recalled an incident when she was coming back from school as a young girl and was harassed by a man in a crowded market.

“I remember when I was really young, and in the market, coming back from school, I faced it. And I couldn’t do anything about it. I was too young and I was just scared and no one stood up. I mean, it was crowded, but that’s not a justification but I guess almost all women have somewhere dealt with it,” she said.

Shah said that she believes that daughters can only be safe when sons are raised right. She asserted, “We just talk about people being safe, respected and not harassed. And for that, I’ve got to raise two good wonderful sensitive individuals… To put it short and sweet, I always tell my sons – treat others the way you expect to be treated yourself. It’s really just as simple as that.”

Coming to the professional front, the renowned actress was seen in a bunch of projects, released in 2022, including Doctor G, Darlings and Delhi Crime Season 2.