Sophie Turner having second thoughts about Joe Jonas divorce?

Sophie Turner was recently spotted wearing a sacred jewelry piece amid her messy divorce battle with Joe Jonas.

The Game of Thrones star is currently in New York, and was seen putting her daughters, Willa and Delphine, in a car while sporting a black sweatshirt with yellow shirt.

But what caught paparazzi’s attention was her wedding ring which she hasn’t worn since announcing separation from Joe until now.

Sophie wearing the ring while navigating divorce from Joe has raised eyebrows.

After accusing each other of lies and abductions, Joe and Sophie have agreed to keep their kids in New York by signing an interim consent order.

Taylor Swift’s support for Sophie Turner:

The actress has been making a lot of public appearances with her friends lately – one of them being Taylor Swift, who also happens to be Joe’s ex.

The Cruel Summer hitmaker is showing strong support for Sophie as she also gave the 27-year-old actress her NYC apartment to live in.

Last week, the girls went out for dinner and clubbing, and ended the day with a girls’ night at Taylor’s apartment.