Sophie Turner turns the tables on Joe Jonas with PROOF they planned to live in UK

In a huge new development in Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’s divorce proceedings, Turner has unveiled surprising court documents revealing a heartfelt letter that Jonas wrote just three months prior to filing for divorce, revealing their plans to relocate to the U.K.

Dated June 16, the letter showcases Jonas’s aspiration for a future in England with their daughters. The musician was eager to persuade a homeowner in Wallingford, Oxford, to part with their $7.5 million estate.

Jonas painted an enchanting picture of the property, emphasizing its beautiful walled garden and the idyllic sight of the owner’s children enjoying a picnic.

“When my wife and I decided we were going to spend more time in the UK and search for a permanent home, our daughter expressed three unwavering requirements: having chickens, a pony and a Wendy house,” the Do It Like That singer wrote.

“While many of the houses we viewed met this criteria, the moment we turned the corner and caught sight of the charming blue shutters adorning [redacted], we experienced a sense of magic unlike anything we had felt before.”

He further expressed their hope to make the property their permanent home and expressed gratitude for the enchantment they felt.

“We could tell that your family have truly loved living here and we can envision our children growing up here and making this our forever home,” he added before concluding, “I really think Sophie and I will be able to look after [redacted names] and for many years pay homage to the magic you have created here.”

The seller was moved by Jonas’s letter, leading to the acceptance of their offer.

Thereby, the couple left their Miami home on March 10, with their eldest daughter, Willa, starting full-time at an English nursery in April.

Simultaneously, they sold their Florida home by August, and many of their belongings were shipped to the UK between May and July.

Turner added that since they no longer live in Miami, the Miami court should dismiss the case. She also confirmed her care for her two daughters, Willa and Delphine, in temporary New York accommodation.