Taylor Swift beau Travis Kelce spills his ‘internet’ habits: ‘Feet up and chill’

Travis Kelce, famous NFL star, is touching upon his internet habits amid romance with Taylor Swift.

The singer’s new beau reveals the activities he likes to do in his spare time, ranging from online shopping to ‘chilling.’

“Man, you know what, I jump on the couch, put my feet up and I chill,” Kelce told PEOPLE.

I’ll surf the web for fun stuff,” he added.

Responding if he actively Googles himself, Kelce added: “I feel like I always run into that kind of stuff just on social media, on Instagram or Twitter and things like that or one of my friends will throw it in the group chat and make fun of me for it and it’ll be a big hit. But for the most part, I’m not searching myself too much.”

The NFL star instead likes shopping for himself.

“I’m a huge online shopper, so I’ll jump online and grab a whole bunch of new stuff that I could throw around the house or throw in my closet,” he said.