Taylor Swift plans to settle down, have kids amid Travis Kelce romance

Taylor Swift reportedly sees herself settled down with a bunch of kids by the time she reaches her mid-30s, revealed an insider amid her ongoing heated romance with Travis Kelce.

Speaking of the Anti-Hero hitmaker’s plans about having a family of her own, an insider told Heat Magazine that Swift left Matty Healy as she couldn’t see her having kids with him.

Noting how her current love interest deviates from her usual boyfriends, the insider alluded that it may be because Swift wants someone with whom she can have a long-term relationship with, like her ex Joe Alwyn.

“Taylor is fairly sensitive when people bring up the topic of kids and whether or not she’s feeling broody or pressured in that department,” the insider said.

“She hates that stigmatised perception that she has to hurry up because of her age. But she does privately admit that this is something she absolutely wants, preferably by her mid-30s,” the source added.

“As much as she’s enjoyed the dating scene, she’s happiest when settled down with someone long-term. She wants to find the right guy to have a family with and ideally be planning for it next year.

While the insider claimed that it is not certain whether Swift sees long term relationship with Kelce, she is spending as much time with him as possible.

“She throws herself in quite heavily from a friendship standpoint at first, then if things click, the serious stuff comes later. She’s by no means putting all her hopes on him,” the insider said.

“Her philosophy is very much, ‘It’ll happen when it happens’, and there’s every faith that it will.”